Predatory Design

Exterior Design
The JUKE® isn’t just a crossover—it’s a Sport Cross. 370Z®-inspired combination lights and taillights, a fiercely sculpted hood, and those aggressive muscular lines, it’s anything but ordinary. With the look of a 2-door sports car and the function of a 4-door, JUKE® is the best of both worlds.


Customizable Cool

& 360

Sport Bucket Seats

Throw yourself into a curve and see what JUKE® can do. Sport bucket seats fit close to your body and keep you in control when making tight manoeuvers.

Sport-Motorcycle Inspired Center Console

JUKE®'s design embodies pure adrenaline, taking a cue from the flowing, streamlined fuselage of sport-bikes to craft the unique appearance of the center console. Shout out your personality with performance red or a tough gunmetal finish.

Motorsport DNA

Motorsport Inspired Gauges
JUKE®'s gauges are influenced by generations of motorsport styling. The speedometer and tachometer are designed for ease of understanding and infuse JUKE®'s dash with the spirit of speed. [*]

Attitude, shift

Center Console
JUKE®'s slick center console takes styling cues from the radical lines of Italian sport bikes. [*]

Striking Exclusivity

Centre Console and Trim Accents
The eye-catching Black Pearl Edition boasts a unique interior fitting of its name with distinctive white centre console, white trim and seat accents.

Due to a limited production of 250 units for Canada, availability will be dependent on inventory. Please contact your local Nissan dealer for more details.



Welcome to the all-new reality of JUKE® Colour Studio – tailor-made for you, by you.
Express yourself and colour perceptions with JUKE®’s exciting new styling cues. For the first time, your own personal style is brought to life through JUKE® Colour Studio. Featuring colour-coordinated bumper accents and headlight trim rings, side mirror caps, and vibrant alloy wheel centre caps, along with eight other configurable accents, all chosen to your exacting taste.


Colour Studio


U.S. Model shown



Thrill Ride

Electric Power Steering

Every little bit helps. Using electric power steering instead of hydraulic power steering cuts down on the amount of power needed from the engine. And that means more kilometers out of every tank. Plus, it helps automatically adjust steering feel based on vehicle speed.

Follow No One

Direct Injection Gasoline (DIG™) Turbo Engine
The 1.6L Direct Injection Gasoline (DIG™) turbo engine standard in the Nissan JUKE® puts heightened turbocharged performance at your command. Nissan innovations deliver the power of a larger engine while maintaining the better fuel economy of a smaller one. Get boosted turbo performance when you want to feel the kick, or ease off and get better economy when cruising.

Dynamic Drive

Torque Vectoring AWD
The Nissan JUKE®'s torque vectoring all-wheel drive is an innovative stabilization system designed to keep you in full control in most driving scenarios. In addition to moving power between the front and rear wheels, the multi-sensor system automatically transfers rear-wheel power to the left or right, depending on which needs it more. So any change in direction, such as navigating a roundabout, can be performed smoothly, securely, and with agility.

U.S. Instrumentation Shown

Adapt At Will

Integrated Control (I-CON) System
The Integrated Control (I-CON) System on the JUKE® SL provides the driver with a unique interface. Control cabin environment and numerous other vehicle adjustments. Or select Normal, Sport, Eco, or D-Mode, and at the push of a button your JUKE® adapts to your driving demands.


Meet the Evil Twin

The JUKE® is wickedly fun. The JUKE® NISMO® is downright wicked. We’ve taken the turbocharged crossover that changed the game, and gave it even more game with an exclusive NISMO® aero package, NISMO® sport-tuned suspension, tighter handling, stickier tires, and of course, more power.

Bolder on the inside

The exclusive NISMO® interior features bolstered performance seats, a black Alcantara leather steering wheel with a red accent at 12 o’clock, a leather shift knob with contrasting stitching, and a vivid red tachometer.

With More Bite

The turbocharged 1.6-L engine has been tuned to hit its peak of 188 horsepower at 5,600 rpms. You’re going to feel the full NISMO® effect when you really need it – when you are passing 18-wheeler convoys on the highway.


It’s lower, leaner, and meaner. NISMO® engineers dropped the body, enhanced the aerodynamic profile, tweaked the rear spoiler, and gave it 18” aluminum-alloy wheels with low-profile performance tires.


All JUKE®. No compromises.

Six Standard Air Bags
Six standard air bags wrap you in safety. Two dual-stage supplemental front and side-impact air bags complement roof-mounted, side-impact air bags which work to keep both front and rear passengers safe. [*] Front-seat Active Head Restraints help reduce the chance of whiplash injuries to you and your front seat passenger by moving up and forward during certain rear-end collisions.

Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC)
This standard feature – sometimes called stability control – continuously monitors your steering and braking actions, senses any oversteer or understeer, and compensates by reducing engine speed and/or applying brake pressure to specific wheels. [*]

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) pumps the brakes faster than humanly possible in emergency braking situations. This helps prevent your wheels from locking to help you steer around unexpected obstacles.

Traction Control System (TCS)
Get a grip with standard Traction Control System (TCS). It senses when a drive wheel starts to slip and reduces engine power or applies brake pressure to help restore grip.