Charging & Range

Charging at home

Charging your Nissan LEAF® at home is easy with a 240-volt home charging dock. All you have to do is plug it in. It takes about four hours [*] to go from empty to a full charge with the 6.6 kW onboard charger—and you don’t have to wait for the battery to be completely drained to charge it. It also comes standard with a 110-volt charger that plugs into any regular outlet.[*]

Charging Nissan LEAF Electric Car at Homecharging at home

Charging At Home

Nissan LEAF Electric Car Home Charging Station


Blue Nissan LEAF Electric Car Charging at Home


How much are you going to "spend" there? Good question. The average driver should only see a moderate bump in their monthly electricity bill. To maximize savings, you can charge your Nissan LEAF® during off-peak hours when electricity rates are at their lowest, depending upon your utility provider. Some providers may even offer Nissan LEAF® owners a discounted rate.

Nissan LEAF Electric Car CARWINGS smartphone app


Stay connected to your Nissan LEAF® with an active NissanConnect® [*] subscription. Use the app to check on your battery charge, start a charging session, see your estimated driving range, and even activate the climate control systems.

Home charger installation and cost


If you’re a do-it-yourself-er, you can purchase your home charger through AeroVironment (AV)—Nissan’s preferred vendor—and make your own installation arrangements.[*]

Please consult AeroVironment (AV) for pricing details.[*]

Get the White Glove Service

Let AeroVironment (AV) take care of everything from the initial charger installation, to any ongoing support service you might need. They can even bundle the cost of your charger with your service payment.[*]

Get Started

When you’re ready for your home installation, call (888) 700-8034 to work directly with AeroVironment.

You can also contact your preferred Nissan Dealer, who can provide you with payment options, schedule the installation with AV on your behalf, or sell you an AV charger directly from the Dealership’s stock.

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AeroVironment Electric Car Home Charger

Charging on the go

Charging your Nissan LEAF® using public charging stations is  fast, safe, and easy. There are many stations and counting in the Canada, many of which offer no-cost charging. And with many provinces offering electric vehicles the unlimited use of carpool lanes, [*] getting to a station is a cinch.

Nissan LEAF Electric Car Charging Station