Benefits of Bluetooth®

Making and receiving wireless calls through your Nissan's audio system is just the beginning. The additional features of the Nissan Bluetooth Hands-free Phone System allow you to enjoy advanced communication - made easy.

Easier accessibility

No more fumbling to answer the call in time. The Nissan Bluetooth Hands-free system seamlessly links with your compatible cell phone the moment you turn on your vehicle, even if your phone is in your gym bag.

More convenience

With the Nissan Bluetooth Hands-free system, you can make and receive calls with the touch of a steering wheel button. The system will even mute the vehicle's audio system when you're on the phone and return it to the previous setting when you hang up.

Hands-free communication

Thanks to the built-in microphone and the link to your vehicle's audio system, you can keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. You can even pre-program your favorite numbers or speak the digits for convenient, voice-activated dialing.