Silver 2018 Nissan Maxima Sedan


Maxima owners don’t just drive their cars – they love them. Their stories of dedication to the world’s first 4-door sports sedan inspired
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Leonard's Maxima Moment Image
Ever since I've been a kid I have been a big lover of the Nissan Maxima. This is now my third Maxima. The look of the sharp shape, what's not to love? Maxima all the way! When it rains my car stays at home because she is so special to me. I love my Nissan Maxima.


Leonard Edwards – Montreal

Richard's Maxima Moment Image
In late 2006, I purchased a 2006 Max and loved it. Three months later, my son was involved in a head-on collision that ended up resulting in the car being written off. My son and his friends were unharmed. All of the air-bags deployed and the car "crumpled" as designed by the engineers at Nissan. Two weeks later, I took delivery of my new 2007 Max. I loved the style and performance and had to have it back! This 4-door sedan quietly carried my family to Sunday dinner but when I was alone on the highway, WOW!! Driving along was smooth and solid. When I pulled out to pass...the sound, the feel in the steering wheel...well, only a Max owner knows what I mean. Time passed and it was time to let the car rest. I now have a 2013 Maxima and "the beat" definitely goes on!! Thanks Nissan for letting an aging Motörhead have fun.


Richard Palangio – North Bay

Gerald's Maxima Moment Image
I have owned 4 Maximas – but only 2 models. Loved my 1989 so much, I traded it on a 1994. Loved my 2011 to the point of trading on a 2014.


Gerald Seyler - Stratford

Valena's Maxima Moment Image
Ever since a friend and I flew to Oregon to visit relatives when I was 14 and their father picked us up at the airport in his Maxima I was instantly in love with the "4-Door Sports Car". I purchased my own in 2002 and took it on many awesome road trips.


Valena Davidsen – Calgary

Red 2018 Nissan Maxima Sedan

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