Imagine moving through life with greater exhilaration, confidence, and connection to the world around you. At Nissan, Intelligent Mobility is our engineering philosophy, and it’s embodied in three core areas of innovation that inspire how vehicles are powered, driven, and integrated into society. From cars that drop you off and park themselves to highways that charge your EV as you drive along, we continue to strive towards making these and other technologies available in the future. And it’s a future already starting to take shape with some of the technologies available in the Nissan vehicles you drive today.
Nissan Intelligent Driving technology


Imagine a vehicle that takes the stress out of driving and leaves only the joy. What if it could pick you up, navigate heavy traffic, and find parking all on its own? And with the push of the button, it is happy to give the control back to the driver. What if it could even communicate with other vehicles and pedestrians? Nissan is testing advanced autonomous driving on public roads today, which means we are working towards making this revolutionary driving experience a reality.
Nissan Autonomous Driving technology

Intelligent power

As the world’s best-selling electric vehicle, Nissan LEAF is redefining the power you crave behind the wheel. LEAF beats just about any car off the line with 100% instant torque – and zero emissions. Proof that electric transportation doesn’t have to compromise the thrill of driving.
Nissan Safety Shield technology


A connected ecosystem of drivers, vehicles, and communities is key to a cleaner and safer world. At Nissan, we’re playing a central role in defining what the roads of the future could look like, from traffic management systems to public charging to car sharing. And we’re committed to making this infrastructure accessible to everyone.
Nissan Electric Car Charging technology

Many of the following technologies are at the conceptual or development stage only and may or may not be or become available in Canada. For more information on the potential availability of these technologies, please speak to your Nissan retailer.

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