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Meet our electric vehicles

Nissan ARIYA video

Nissan ARIYA

Our revolutionary EV crossover

Take charge with awe-inspiring design and the breakthrough technology of e-4ORCE All-Wheel Drive. Bringing you remarkable range, pulse-racing performance and a lounge-like cabin experience, ARIYA is truly a force of wonder.[[1139]][[1154]]

Nissan LEAF driving past green hills

Nissan LEAF®

Our celebrated EV hatch

Instant torque, impressive range, and tech to own your commute. LEAF made a name for itself as the world’s first mass-market all-electric vehicle, and it’s been wowing Canadians ever since. [[1131]]


Not sure which is for you?

Nissan ARIYA vs LEAF side by side  comparison Nissan ARIYA
Nissan EV interior

Our Vision

Electrifying the future

We believe in a sustainable future. As a pioneer in electric vehicles, Nissan has been moving the needle on electrification since 1947, making it smarter, more mainstream, and even more thrilling. Across the globe, we’ve invested in charging infrastructure and energy management. Now, with LEAF and ARIYA leading the charge, we’re pushing ourselves to bring Canadians an exciting variety of Nissan EVs in the future. Visit Nissan Global for more.

Nissan ARIYA Pole to Pole expedition


Nissan ARIYA Goes Pole to Pole

The Pole to Pole team has completed their world-first EV expedition. Driving an adventure-ready Nissan ARIYA from the Magnetic North Pole over 27,000 km to the South Pole in Antarctica, they’ve showcased the true potential of Nissan electrification. Watch highlights in their wrap-up video and see for yourself. [[1149]]

Nissan Pole to Pole logo