What’s in it for you

Going electric may be an investment, but the savings are well worth it. On top of reducing emissions and saving on gas, you’ll pay less for maintenance. Plus, you can take advantage of government incentives depending on where you live. If you happen to drive a Nissan ARIYA, you can even keep an eye on home energy consumption while you’re out. [[1142]]

Nissan EV Charging Station

Stop spending on gas

Driving an EV means producing zero tailpipe emissions – and spending zero dollars on gas. While there are certain energy costs associated with charging an EV at home, they’re often lower than the amount you’d be paying at the pumps. To curb those costs even further, you can charge overnight or on weekends, when electricity typically costs less. [[1145]]

Bare vehicle without its shell, showing the vehicle engine, tires and shock absorbers

Save on maintenance

When you own an electric vehicle, there are fewer moving parts to think about. Although EVs still require standard service and maintenance, there’s no combustion engine or traditional gearbox to keep up. That means you won’t be replacing engine fluid or changing the oil. They also use their motor to slow down, which helps preserve your brake pads. [[1132]]

Person browsing the ChargeHub online portal on a mobile device

Jump on the incentives

As part of a global effort to reduce carbon emissions, the Canadian Federal government is offering a purchase incentive of up to $5,000 to people who buy an EV. Plus, there are provincial EV incentives you can take advantage of if you live in Québec or British Columbia. To learn more about these, visit the ChargeHub online portal. [[1142]]

Person paying for EV charge

Fact Check

Do electric cars cost more than gas cars?

No, that’s just a myth. While owning an EV has certain initial costs, what you save on gas and maintenance is well worth it. You can also benefit from government purchase incentives.  [[1142]]

Interior view of person driving Nissan LEAF on a highway

Invest in an EV

Rack up the benefits

Nissan ARIYA parked at the home across from a city view


Beyond the savings that come with cutting gas from your budget, and lower maintenance costs, there are other perks to a Nissan EV. With the all-new ARIYA, you have intelligent technology that integrates with your smart home for a few more everyday benefits you’ll appreciate. [[1315]]

ARIYA smart home integration video

Hit the lights while you’re out

ARIYA offers Alexa Built In, which lets you control smart home devices from your car by voice. That means you can adjust the lights at home while you’re out and about, so you’re not accidentally consuming energy. Plus, it’s nice to bring the lights back up while pulling into the driveway – a warm welcome home for yourself and the crew. [[1315]][[1619]]

Tablet showing temparature control with ARIYA smart home integration

Keep tabs on temperature

Access your smart home devices and bump the temperature up or down as needed. ARIYA lets you do it all safely with hands-free cabin tech. It’s another way our pure electric crossover empowers you to take charge of home energy consumption and costs. [[1315]]

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