Nissan Glow Guards video
Kid in costume wearing Nissan Glow Guard stickers

Glow Guards and More

Your most important haul this year

Grab your Glow Guards from a near by Nissan dealer, and get a little something extra. Not only can you get a supply of reflective stickers, but also a few treats, including stickers for your mask that glow in the dark – designed to make any trick-or-treater’s costume that much better. [[515]]

Nissan Glow Guard kit
Nissan Glow Guard mask stickers

Nissan Safety

Safer streets start here

Nissan Glow Guards help keep everyone safe and easy to spot at night. But our vehicles go much further than that. Powered by Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ innovation, our latest models offer the Safety Shield® 360. This full suite of safety and driver assist features helps you detect hazards ahead, behind, and to either side. It can even step in automatically to help you stay out of trouble. Discover them all and experience a smarter way to move. [[419]]

Nissan Safety Shield video

Discover the Safety Shield® 360

Intelligent Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection

React in the blink of an eye. Intelligent Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection scans the road for hazards. This system alerts you when you’re getting too close to the car ahead, automatically applying the brakes to help avoid a collision. And when it senses a pedestrian in your path, it can stop you in your tracks. [[223]]

Rear Automatic Braking

Reverse with extra peace of mind. Rear Automatic Braking scans directly behind your Nissan for stationary items you might not see. If it detects something and you fail to stop, it can automatically hit the brakes to help you avoid or mitigate impact. [[328]]

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Make short work of crowded parking lots. Rear Cross Traffic Alert keeps an eye on the area behind your Nissan when you’re backing out of a space. If the system detects another vehicle approaching from either side, it gives you a heads up, so you can react fast and avoid a collision. [[289]]

Blind Spot Warning

Change lanes confidently. Blind Spot Warning detects when another vehicle is hiding in your blind spot. If you attempt to cross over the line, the system alerts you with a chime, so you can steer clear of danger and merge when it’s safe. [[90]] 

Lane Departure Warning

Stay on track. Lane Departure Warning helps make sure you change lanes only when you mean to. If you happen to drift over the divider without signalling, the system will alert you, so you can ease back toward your lane. [[96]]

High Beam Assist

Enhance your night vision. When High Beam Assist detects oncoming traffic, it turns down your high beam headlights to minimize glare. Once the other driver has safely passed by, it turns them up again, so you can head on your way without feeling for the switch.