Nissan Lease & Finance programs

Nissan Canada Inc. (NCF) programs are designed to make the process transparent, convenient and simple. Be it our lease programs or finance programs, get the answers you need here, or contact us, or your nearest Nissan dealer for specific information pertaining to your purchase or lease.

Should I Lease or Finance?

Consider your answers to the following questions

Do I drive beyond 24000 kms in a year?
Do I want to customize the car with aftermarket products?
Do I anticipate heavy or rough use in my general drive pattern?

If your answers were NO for ALL 3 questions, Leasing can be advantageous for you :
1. Lesser and protected monthly payments with sales tax paid only for duration of lease
2. Assured residual value and hassle free return at end of tenure
3. Retain the option of Buying out the vehicle at end of lease!

If your answers were YES to any one of the questions above, Financing could be the better alternative for you :

1. Build equity to eventually OWN the vehicle
2.Drive the vehicle without having to worry about penalties from excessive mileage or wear & tear
3. Retain the rights to sell, customize or trade when you own the vehicle

We recommend speaking to a consultant at your nearest dealership to ascertain the best case for your needs and situation

Whether you choose to lease or finance your new Nissan, you still have the same responsibilities, such as paying for its insurance, maintenance, licensing and registration. As you would be with any financial institution, you are responsible for notifying us of any personal information changes such as your address, bank accounts, and home or office telephone numbers. And, lease or finance, you must inform us immediately if your car or truck is involved in an accident or has been stolen. Likewise, you are responsible for any toll charges, fines, parking tickets, towing and impound charges.