Here are some financing questions that we frequently get asked at Nissan Canada Inc. (NCF). Even if you don't have a specific question, we still recommend you read these over so you can take your mind off financing and focus on the good stuff, like driving your Nissan. If you can't find your question here, or if you need additional details, please contact your local Nissan dealer or NCF at 1-800-268-6499 (Eastern Canada) or 1-800-268-0764 (Western Canada) 1-800-268-6499, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Does Nissan Finance Used Cars?

How much can I get for my trade-in?

Can I make more money selling my car on my own, versus trading it in with a dealer?

How do I contact NCF by mail?

How do I contact NCF by phone?

There is an entry from NCF showing up on my credit report. Whom do I contact?

Can I skip or defer the payment on my account?

What if I can no longer afford the payments on my account?

Will NCF allow another party to take over the payments on my account?

How can I find out the balance on my account?

How do I notify NCF is I am moving?

My name recently changed (marriage, divorce, etc.). How do I update the name on my account?

Can I pay more than the monthly payment amount?

Will my late payment be reported to the credit bureaus?

If I am sending a check, where do I mail my payment?