The Snug Kids® Car Seat Guide
Nissan Versa®

You’ve selected your Nissan. To view the child restraint system (CRS) for a specific vehicle seating position, choose your desired model year, vehicle seating configuration and type of CRS. Then select the desired position of your child safety seat.

This guide is designed to help you select a CRS. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions provided with the CRS and your vehicle's Owner's Manual when installing

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Additional information

Nissan Canada Inc. makes no representation or warranty with regard to the evaluation, modes of use, compatibility with Canadian spec Nissan vehicles, and compliance of the Snug Kids® Guide with Canadian safety laws/regulations and manufacturer requirements.

Not all child restraint systems (CRS) may be available in Canada.

When choosing to use a CRS, it is strongly recommended that you get the CRS checked by a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) to ensure its compatibility and that it is properly installed. Please visit to find a child seat check event or technician near you.