NissanConnect Bluetooth App icon

With the Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System, voice-recognition allows you to make and receive calls even when your compatible cell phone is buried in a bag or in the trunk. No headset, no reaching—just a nice firm grip on the steering wheel.[[41]]

Steering Wheel-Mounted Controls

Accepting a call is as simple as hitting a button on your steering wheel. The system even mutes your music automatically. Hang up, and you've got your audio back.

Voice Commands

Thanks to a built-in microphone and Nissan's voice-recognition technology, you can operate Bluetooth® with simple voice commands. For example, to dial out, say "Call"—along with the name of one of your phone book contacts—or "Dial Number", followed by your contact's digits.[[41]]

Ring Tones

Choose between a variety of ring tones for your vehicle's Bluetooth® phone system.[[41]]