Nissan Connect Hands-Free Messaging

With the Hands-free Text Messaging Assistant your Nissan can read your incoming messages out loud and, through voice-recognition technology, easily reply back with pre-loaded responses.[[51]]

Steering Wheel-Mounted Controls

Activate your Hands-free Text Messaging Assistant using the phone button on your steering wheel.[[527]]

Listen to Messages

Say 'Read Text' to listen to a message and 'Next Text' to hear any other messages stored in your NissanConnect® system. [[2002]]

Reply/Send a Message

Replying or sending a new text is easy. Say "Send Text to Joe Smith" for example, and choose one of several pre-loaded responses like "On my way", "Running late", "Driving, can't text" and more.[[2003]]

Custom Messages

You can create your own custom messages and add them to the existing list of pre-loaded responses.