Nissan Navigation System Icon

In a navigation-equipped Nissan, a GPS system is built right into your dashboard. Stay focused on the road ahead as the system guides you with visual and voice commands.[[77]] Visit the Nissan Navigation store to update your navigation system map today.

Places Directory

In addition to directions, your navigation system can help you find nearby services. The Places directory is pre-loaded with over one million popular US destinations like restaurants, gas stations, banks and more.[[77]]

Address Book

You can store up to 50 favorite locations in your address book, which is especially handy for those confusing neighborhoods and places you drive to just a few times each year.

Detailed Traffic

To enhance your system even more, subscribe to NavTraffic or SiriusXM® Traffic (dependent on which system your vehicle is equipped with). You’ll get advanced traffic information that’ll help you get around gridlock, and to your destination on time.[[2000]]

Map Updates

As roads and highways evolve, it’s important to update your maps so that your GPS stays current. Keeping your navigation system updated is easy. Visit to learn more, and make sure to order a new SD-card annually for the most up to date system.


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An embedded GPS system
Nissan Navigation System[[77]]. See why embedded is better.