Pandora App Icon

With Pandora®, tune-in to a station that plays only what you love. Rate and bookmark songs, discover new music based on your old and current favorites, and find comedy stations that'll have you laughing out loud.[[608]]

Browse/Create Stations

Browse through stations you've already created in your Pandora® account, or explore the many genre stations this app has to offer. You can also create a new station based on the song or artist that's currently playing in your vehicle.

Thumbs Up/Down

Give a song a "thumbs up" and Pandora® will add similar tracks to your station. Give it a "thumbs down" and the app will remove it from your station.


Bookmark the song or artist you're listening to, and you'll be able to easily find it when you get out of the car.

View Cover Art

The album art for the tracks you're listening to will appear on your NissanConnect® display screen.