Designed to Thrill

Five models. One mission.

At Nissan, we believe that thrills have dimensions, and that going zero to 100 is only one of them. That’s why we design cars that max out your heartrate long before you max out the RPMs: because whether you see one on a billboard or in your driveway, the sight of a Nissan should be enough to make your hairs stand up. [[1740]]

All-electric Nissan ARIYA
U.S. model shown

The All-Electric Nissan ARIYA

Inspired by tomorrow. Designed for today.

The EV of the future is a masterpiece of automotive and electrical engineering, with room to hold five – in awe. Combining timeless tradition and state-of-the-art technology, ARIYA is so advanced it has the power to change not only how you drive, but how you live as well. Limited availability. Contact your local dealer for inventory information.

Nissan ARIYA design illustration Nissan ARIYA design illustration

Nissan ARIYA offers a daring glimpse into the future of automotive.

A modern take on timeless

Nissan ARIYA kumiko-patterned grille
U.S. model shown

Kumiko-patterned grille

Inspired by traditional Kumiko-style woodwork, ARIYA’s front grille is also highlighted by its illuminated badge. Together, these features create a beautiful marriage of Japanese heritage and imagination.

Nissan ARIYA LED headlights
U.S. model shown

LED headlights

ARIYA’s super thin LED headlights and light blades are individually impressive, but together? They embody a signature design that makes other EVs feel envious. 

Nissan ARIYA 3D-layered LED taillights
U.S. model shown

3D-layered LED taillights

ARIYA’s wraparound, 3D-layered LED taillights don't just make the vehicle itself more visible. They were designed to capture and please the eye.

Nissan Rogue driving past hills
Model may not be exactly as shown

The Nissan Rogue

When adventure calls, answer in style

With its angular V-Motion Grille and straight-out-of-sci-fi LED daytime running lights, Rogue doesn’t just draw attention – it commands it. Add an available black contrasting roof and your trip down adventure road can take an even more thrilling turn toward stylish.

Nissan Rogue design illustration Nissan Rogue design illustration

The Nissan Rogue's design projects boldness on every drive

Extremely expressive

Nissan Rogue bold V-motion grille

Bold V-Motion Grille

Rogue’s angular V-Motion Grille complements its futuristic-looking LED daytime running lights.

Model may not be exactly as shown

Nissan Rogue modern rear design

Modern rear design

Rogue's undeniable spirit is on display, from its LED taillights to its proud namesake badge.

Nissan Rogue 19-inch wheels

19-Inch wheels

Rogue’s available, eye-catching 19-inch wheels feature a machine finish with contrast accents for a thin, blade-style spoke look. 

Nissan Z sports car

The Nissan Z

Looking sharp

Combining a long hood and short rear deck, Nissan Z is the embodiment of classic sports car style. But this wouldn’t be a Nissan Z without two truly unique new design elements. To make this generation completely modern while retaining its iconic character, we had to walk a fine line. So fine in fact, you could call it "cutting edge."

Red Nissan Z sports car



Blue Nissan Z sports car

With elements inspired by a samurai's katana, Nissan Z’s design echoes the impeccable craftsmanship and rich history embodied in these legendary blades. Performance and Sport trims have limited availability. Contact your local dealer for inventory information.

Put convention to the sword

Nissan Z Katana-inspired accents

Katana-inspired accents

A nod to Nissan’s Japanese heritage, Nissan Z’s katana-inspired roof accent channels the shape and sharpness of the famous blades to create an unmistakable silhouette.

Nissan Z iconic taillights

Iconic taillights

The rear taillights of the Nissan Z are inspired by the 1990 300ZX, with a double-layered 3D design that makes them modern as well as brilliant. 

Nissan Z iconic headlights

Equally iconic headlights

An homage to the original 240Z’s round headlights, we carefully sculpted Nissan Z’s LED bulbs into graceful curves for a look that’s timeless, yet thoroughly modern. 

Man and dog standing next to Nissan Frontier

The Nissan Frontier

Mid-size truck. Full-size style.

Frontier's modern, up-for-anything design has raised the bar for mid-size truck styling. Every line expresses strength, durability and versatility, while innovative touches hint at all the advanced tech within. The result is a truck that your neighbours will admire, and you'll be thrilled to own.

Green Nissan Frontier truck

With its powerful stance and refreshed design, Frontier sets the style standard for its class.

Owner loading bike onto Nissan Frontier truck bed


At the Frontier of design

Nissan Frontier signature grille

Signature grille

Frontier’s front end makes its presence felt with a chiseled hood, massive signature grille and precision interlocking LED headlights.

Nissan Frontier LED taillights

LED taillights

Frontier’s eye-catching LED Taillights will keep them staring long after you pass them by. 

Nissan Frontier 17-inch beadlock-style wheels

17” Beadlock-style wheels

Unleash your off-road attitude with available 17-inch beadlock-style aluminum alloy wheels.

Nissan Pathfinder SUV

The Nissan Pathfinder

Rugged, yet refined

From its can't-miss front profile and elegant rear design to its refined silhouette and two-tone color scheme, beauty never takes a backseat to utility in this SUV. In Pathfinder, goosebumps come standard.

Nissan Pathfinder towing an ATV



Woman packing cargo space of Nissan Pathfinder

Pathfinder’s premium styling gives it the kind of upscale look conventional SUVs can only aspire to.

Distinctive by design

Nissan Pathfinder rear end

Front to Back Presence

With its unmistakable design and bold badging, Pathfinder’s lead is worth following — whether on the trail or in a traffic jam. 

Nissan Pathfinder V-motion grille

V-Motion Grille

Pathfinder’s V-Motion Grille is big on first impressions.

Nissan Pathfinder two-tone-colour scheme

Two-tone colour scheme

Pathfinder’s limited two-tone colour scheme makes its standout silhouette even more impressive.

Designed to Thrill

We dare you to look away

From our signature grille to our standout taillights, each and every angle of a Nissan is designed for a single purpose: to thrill. Get ready to feel the adrenaline of heart-racing, breathtaking innovation and performance – even before you ever press start. That’s the power of thrilling design. That’s Nissan.