Set Yourself Free

A Nissan for Every You

In every Nissan, there’s a you just waiting to escape. Discover three of our most thrilling models, designed to let you express your truest self.

A woman sitting on the back seat of Nissan Z seat and experiencing a joyful ride

Nissan Z®

Free to Be Fierce

Awaken your inner renegade. Nissan Z was born to go its own way. Push past the status quo with track-inspired performance, classic design cues and tech that ups the ante on excitement. Since 1969, this sports car has been an icon of pure driving joy.

Nissan Z® Features

Nissan Z turbo V6 engine

400-hp Twin-Turbo V6

Rev up the thrills. Nissan Z has a relentless 400-horsepower twin-turbo V6 engine. With an available 6-speed manual transmission and sport-tuned suspension, this coupe is made to move.

Nissan Z classic cockpit design

Classic Cockpit Design

Nissan Z sports a classic cockpit that wraps around the driver and adds to the fun. Tech like Apple CarPlay® and NissanConnect® means you can safely access apps, while a digital dashboard lets you count the RPMs. [[1301]] [[1309]]

Nissan Z driving on a highway

Smarter Safety Tech

Feel the confidence set in. This coupe comes standard with the Nissan Safety Shield® 360 — a suite of advanced safety and driver assist tech that helps you steer clear of hazards ahead, behind and on each side. [[2007]]

Video of a woman driving Nissan Rogue and experiencing fun


Shift Into Fun

Become the life of the party in the Nissan Rogue. Its versatile cabin space has plenty of room to do you — or let loose with the crew. Choose your drive mode and hit the town or the trails come rain or shine. With available wireless smartphone tech, you can pump the jams all the way. [[1304]]

Nissan Rogue® Features

Nissan Rogue premium seating

5 Seats With Premium Touches

Rogue’s interior is designed to be flexed. Fold the rear seats and access up to 2,098 litres of cargo capacity with extra storage under the floor. Premium accents and smart tech lend a high-touch look and feel. [[2025]]

Nissan Rogue driving on a city street showcasing engine performance

An Engine That Adapts

Set the pace and Rogue matches your energy. Its 201-horsepower VC-Turbo engine adapts its components for a rush of power when you hit the gas and optimal efficiency when it’s time to cruise. [[1804]]

Nissan Rogue intelligent AWD and 5 drive modes making it the most fun car to drive

AWD and 5 Drive Modes

The best cars for adventure have AWD, 4WD or 4X4 tech. Rogue comes with Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, which shifts power between wheels for a better grip. It also has five selectable Drive Modes for snow, gravel and more. [[2036]]

Two ladies riding in Nissan Pathfinder to experience adventure


Explore Your Adventurous Side

Tap into your appetite for adventure. Seating up to eight with ample cargo space, connected tech and off-road capability, Pathfinder is ready to explore every corner of your world. Discover just some of the features that make this SUV the ideal escape. [[2025]]

Nissan Pathfinder® Features

Nissan Pathfinder seats for 7 or 8 passengers

Seating for 7 or 8

Pathfinder complements the great outdoors with an equally great cabin space. Seat up to eight with a max cargo capacity of 2,279 litres. Flexible seats let you pack more on every adventure and grocery run. [[2025]]

Nissan Pathfinder's V6 turbo engine

Highly Capable V6 Engine

Packing a 284-horsepower V6 and off-road suspension, Pathfinder is capable of big things. With up to 6,000 lbs. of available towing capacity, it’s got the brawn you need to bring a large boat or camper along for the ride. [[2088]]

Nissan Pathfinder's 4x4 tech for outdoor adventure

7 Terrain Modes With 4X4 Tech

Keep tricky terrain from dampening your fun. Pathfinder’s Intelligent 4X4 comes standard for better traction. Paired with the Drive Mode Selector, it lets you pick one of seven performance settings for snow, off-roading and more. [[2035]]