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6 thrilling facts about Nissan

Nissan is all about bringing thrills to your drive, and the natural world is home to some of the most hair-raising feats on the planet. See how Nissan’s most innovative tech makes your drive feel like a force of nature.


Nissan e-4orce Technology video

Nissan e-4ORCE Technology Provides
Traction on tricky terrain

A gazelle stays safe by using all four legs to make hard cuts and avoid predators. Similarly, Nissan’s e-4ORCE technology is designed to control all four wheels independently. With this available feature, Nissan ARIYA drivers can experience enhanced traction on the road — just like a gazelle. [[1139]]


Nissan Steering Wheels video

Nissan Steering Wheels Vibrate to Help
Detect dangerous drifting

African elephants rely on the nerve endings in their feet to detect nearby vibrations and avoid trouble. Nissan steering wheels use vibrations to help drivers avoid trouble too. Through haptic feedback, they can alert drivers when they start to drift, allowing them to adjust and stay safely in their lane. Experience this standard feature on the Nissan Murano. [[2048]]


Nissan Intelligent All-Wheel Drive video

Nissan Intelligent All-Wheel Drive
Adapts in milliseconds

The trap jaw ant wields the fastest jaw action of any living creature. In fact, their snap takes only four milliseconds. Nissan Intelligent All-Wheel Drive responds even faster, adapting to adverse road conditions, so you remain in control. Drive confidently with this available Nissan ARIYA feature. [[2036]]


Nissan Intelligent Around View Monitor Offers video

Nissan Intelligent Around View® Monitor Offers
Enhanced night vision

Driving at night can be tricky. When it’s harder to see, it’s harder to stay safe. Thankfully, just like an owl’s night vision, the Intelligent Around View Monitor provides exceptional awareness in low light conditions. Nissan Rogue drivers can use this available parking tech day or night. [[2037]]


Nissan Forward Collision Warning video

Nissan Forward Collision Warning Helps You
See past your line of sight

Bats rely on echolocation to determine the distance between themselves and potential hazards. By monitoring the road up to two cars ahead, Nissan Forward Collision Warning helps drivers avoid hazards that are easy to miss. Find out how it can help keep you safe with Nissan Pathfinder. [[2030]]


Nissan Safety Shield 360 video

Nissan Safety Shield® 360 Keeps Its
Eyes on everything

Thanks to their wide-set eyes, hammerhead sharks can see what’s ahead, below or behind at all times. Their 360-degree vision provides enhanced awareness of their entire environment. With six standard safety features that monitor your surroundings, so does Nissan Safety Shield 360. See how they all work in the Nissan Qashqai. [[2007]]

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