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6 Thrilling facts about Nissan

Hair-raising, heart-thumping moments are nothing if not memorable. Keep scrolling to discover how far we’ve gone to thrill Nissan drivers, and how those pursuits have led to some of our very best tech.


Nissan ARIYA drive test illustration.

Nissan ARIYA® Test Drive

ARIYA® was test driven about 5x around the world

Innovation exists at every step of Nissan’s history, and for good reason. With every step forward, the opportunity to dial up excitement increases. That’s why we put more than 60,000 test drive kilometres on the Nissan ARIYA – the equivalent distance of five trips around the Earth. Because we knew ARIYA had to be capable of standing up to whatever the world could throw at it.


Illustration of Samurai and Katana that inspired the Nissan Z design.

Nissan Z® Exterior

Nissan Z’s design is inspired by a katana

The next time you spot a Nissan Z, take a long look at its profile. Starting above the driver and passenger side windows and continuing all the way to the rear window is a unique accent meant to evoke the shape and colour of a samurai’s katana. It draws inspiration from Nissan’s Japanese heritage, and is a nod to the impeccable craftsmanship that both the blade and car represent so well.


Illustration of smartwatch controlling Nissan cabin temperature.

NissanConnect® Services

Cabin temperature can be set from a smartwatch

Our cars might not fly, but the future is here in more ways than one. From connected services to wireless controls, many of Nissan’s most advanced features are housed within the NissanConnect® Services app. 

Want to set the temperature in your Nissan ARIYA before you leave the house? Receive maintenance updates or be notified of nearby EV charging stations? NissanConnect® Services allows you to do all that and more, all from your Apple or Android devices.




Illustration of the NASA rover.

Nissan ProPilot® Assist

ProPilot Assist® uses NASA research

While many talented researchers and engineers have devoted time and energy to Nissan’s autonomous driving pursuits, one in particular stands out. Maarten Sierhuis is not only the director of the Nissan Research Center, but he developed human-robot collaborative intelligent systems for NASA. Nowadays, his research directly contributes to Nissan’s ProPilot Assist® technology – and will undoubtedly contribute to many more innovations on our path toward safe and responsible autonomous driving.


Illustration of the brain activity.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility™

Nissan can analyze drivers’ brain activity

Why should automotive innovation be limited to just the vehicles? Roads, street lights, crosswalks – there is plenty that contributes to driving as we know it. That’s why Nissan has invested so much into creating a more integrated driving experience. 

Not only did we develop the world’s first system that analyzes brain activity while driving, but we’re also exploring ways to use artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and other tech to make you and other drivers feel safer and more connected.


Illustration of Nissan Formula E race car.

Nissan Formula E Racing Team

The only Japanese manufacturer in Formula E

The Nissan LEAF was the first mass market electric vehicle, and our electrification credentials don’t stop there. As the proud owners of our very own Formula E racing team, Nissan’s tradition of racing excellence continues to push the boundaries of where engineering and innovation can take us, whether it’s on the race track, highway or city streets.

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