Nissan Performance

Designed to perform. Built to thrill.

Grab the wheel, buckle up and hold on – you’re about to experience the power, the precision and the pedigree of Nissan performance. Whether it’s the legendary Z, the bold Rogue or the daring Sentra, redline thrills are yours to command, right from your driveway.


Nissan Z®

Performance is a one-letter word

All-new for 2023, the Nissan Z is nothing less than the rebirth of a legend. More powerful, more nimble and more advanced than ever, it’s everything we know, everything we love and everything we live for in one letter.

Nissan Z performance reborn
400HP Twin-Turbo V6 engine inside the Nissan Z

400HP Twin-Turbo V6

It’s the most powerful engine we’ve ever dropped into a Z. 3.0 litres and 400 horsepower with either a 9-speed automatic transmission or a slick 6-speed stick.

The Nissan Z manual shifter

Vehicle Dynamic Control

The all-new Z not only has mono tube shocks, but also new front geometry and rear suspension tuning as well as an advanced Vehicle Dynamic Control system that can sense and correct oversteer or understeer for super-precise handling. [[2090]]

The sport brakes with red calibers on the Nissan Z

Sport Brakes

The all-new Z is available with exclusive Sport Brakes. Featuring 14" front rotors with 4-piston calipers, they make slowing down every bit as thrilling as getting up to speed.



Adventure calls for Rogue® performance

When adventure calls, answer in a Nissan Rogue. With 201HP, 225 lb-ft of torque and available Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, it’s the most powerful, versatile and advanced Rogue we’ve ever built. [[2036]]

Nissan Rogue crossover parked in a mountain prarie
201HP VC-Turbo engine inside the Nissan Rogue

201HP, VC-Turbo™ Engine

Rogue features the world’s first Variable Compression Turbo engine. Hit the accelerator to lower compression for power, or ease up for a boost of efficiency. It’s like having two engines in one. [[1910]]

The 5 drive mode selector on the Nissan Rogue center console

5 Drive Modes

Whether you need more grip, more efficiency or more spirited performance, Rogue’s five drive modes and available Intelligent All-Wheel Drive make fine-tuning performance as easy as dialing it in. [[2036]]



Performs as sharp as it looks

With a 2.0 litre, 149HP 4-cylinder engine and sport sedan suspension, shifting the Nissan Sentra into Sport Mode offers sharper throttle response and track-inspired handling through corners and straightaways alike. So, go ahead – punch it. In the Sentra, performance is always your co-pilot.

A Nissan Sentra taking a corner on a mountain highway
The 149 horsepower engine inside the Nissan Sentra


Sentra comes equipped with a 149 horsepower, 2.0 litre, 4-cylinder engine for performance that promises to put a flutter in your pulse and a smile on your face, every time you hit the accelerator.

A Nissan Sentra with Intelligent Trace Control technology displayed

Intelligent Trace Control

Sentra’s Intelligent Trace Control system can actuate your brakes individually as you corner for an unprecedented feeling of confidence and control, even at speed. [[2003]]

Nissan Sentra race cars competing in the Sentra Cup

Nissan Sentra® Cup

Take a Sentra, drop in a 6-speed manual transmission, lower the tire profile, add a roll cage and hit the track at full-throttle for one of Canada’s most exciting motorsports events – the Nissan Sentra Cup.


The original Nissan supercar

Performance has a soul and its name is GT-R. Handcrafted engine. All-wheel drive handling. Up to 600HP, right off
the production line. It’s not just a supercar; it’s what every other supercar hopes to be once it grows up.

Rear view of a Nissan GT-R cornering on a race track

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