Available Intelligent Blind Spot Warning gives you time to react by detecting and alerting you to hard-to-spot vehicles. [[138]]

    Intelligent Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection can help you avoid collisions by detecting pedestrians and potential frontal collisions, and braking accordingly. [[26]]

    Available ProPILOT Assist™ helps to keep you in your lane and a preset distance from the car ahead. It can even brake and bring you back up to speed when traffic starts moving again. [[261]]

Nissan Intelligent Mobility™

Safety on every side

Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ offers features that not only monitor in front of, behind and beside you, but also step in to help keep you out of trouble. Safety Shield 360® comes standard on every Altima.[[33]][[419]]

Altima® ProPILOT Assist™ and driver assist tech

A helping hand on the road

Available ProPILOT Assist™ helps out with your highway driving at the push of a button, anticipating and responding like a true assistant. [[326]] Additional driver assist features ensure every drive is more confident.

2021 Nissan Altima illustrating ProPILOT technology in traffic

US instrumentation shown

ProPILOT Assist™ in highway traffic

ProPILOT Assist™ helps your Altima keep a set distance from the car ahead by monitoring traffic flow. [[261]] It can even bring you to a full stop, then back up to speed once traffic resumes. 

2021 Nissan Altima illustrating ProPILOT technology without traffic

US instrumentation shown

ProPILOT Assist™ on the open road

ProPILOT Assist™ helps keep you centered in your lane on the straightaways, and can even guide you through gentle curves. [[261]]

2020 Nissan Altima Around View Monitor

Intelligent Around View Monitor

Keep your pride and rims intact. Available Intelligent Around View Monitor makes parking easy with a virtual composite 360° bird’s-eye view of your Altima. [[29]] Select from split-screen close-ups of the front, rear and curbside views for a better look, or get an onscreen heads-up when your Altima detects a nearby moving object. We’re looking at you, shopping cart.

Altima® safety features

Advanced safety technologies

Nissan takes a comprehensive approach to safety – one that guides the engineering and development of every car we make. These features keep an eye on your vehicle’s systems, assist you in handling unexpected situations and can even protect you in the event of an accident.