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Sentra is safe, reliable and full of Nissan’s best tech and features. But strip one down to its component parts and you’ll find the same thing every time: a racing machine that was engineered to finish in first.

What Is the Sentra Cup?

A uniquely Canadian racing series

Six weekends, two provinces, a competitive lineup of drivers and a constant blur of custom Nissan Sentras. Mods are allowed, but not left up to the driver and their team. Instead, every Sentra in the competition is prepared by the same Motorsports in Action team in St-Eustache, Quebec. With their interiors stripped down and handful of identical racing features installed, the only thing that differentiates one Sentra from another is the driver behind the wheel.

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Nissan Sentra cup cars racing on a track

Canadian icon-approved

To keep things even, all Nissan Sentras that enter the competition are pared down and tuned up to the exact same standard. And what a standard that is. Quebec racing legend and NASCAR driver Jean-François Dumoulin leant his expertise to the competition, helping organizers and drivers to get the most out of their racetrack-ready Sentras.

Heritage Nissan Race Car

A rich racing heritage

Nissan has a long and proud history of engineering performance parts and fast cars. That pedigree has spread throughout our lineup over the years, with every model benefitting from the victories and losses, podium finishes and high-speed crashes we’ve experienced over the years. Put another way, who needs Turbo? Nissan Sentra is supercharged with decades of racing thrills.

2022 Nissan Sentra in orange


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The Sentra Cup standard

Every Sentra that competes in the Cup series is the same. Painstakingly stripped, modified and refitted by the Motorsports in Action team, the goal is to maintain a blank slate as far as the cars go: quick and nimble enough to compete on the track, but restrained and responsive enough that driver skill becomes the true differentiator.

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