Sentra® Thrill

Expectations: Upgraded

The researchers at the Nissan Institute of Thrillology were particularly impressed by Sentra’s spirited performance, innovative safety features and new front-fascia design. Now, it’s your turn to be impressed. [[1735]]

View of the Nissan Sentra heated steering wheel

Heated steering wheel and seats

What’s better than the available heated steering wheel and standard heated seats? On a cold day, absolutely nothing. That’s why Sentra gets an impressively high Comfort Calculator rating.

Bose Premium Audio in the Nissan Sentra

Standard Apple CarPlay® with BOSE® Premium Audio

Sentra comes standard with Apple CarPlay® and available BOSE® Premium Audio. That means it also comes standard with a scale-shattering Vibe Checker score. [[1309]][[1510]][[1522]]

Person driving Nissan Sentra alerted by safety shield 360 blind spot warning

Safety Shield® 360 with Blind Spot Warning

Sentra’s got your back, your sides and even your front. How do we know? Safety Shield® 360 with Blind Spot Warning sent its Driver’s Spatial Awareness rating sky-high. [[2007]][[2021]]

Nissan Sentra in Monarch Orange Metallic parked in between nissan facility and living room. Illustrating ease of booking test drive.

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