Stop-and-go highway traffic? Standard ProPILOT® Assist makes commuting and traffic much easier to manage. [[2069]]

    Standard on every Pathfinder, this suite of six technologies was designed to keep an eye out for hazards – and even step in to help if need be. [[2007]]

    Safety first means looking out for everyone. Pathfinder can step in to help apply the brakes if a pedestrian or cyclist appears out of nowhere, or if it notices you're starting to drift from your lane. [[2018]][[2020]][[2049]]

ProPILOT® Assist with Navi-Link

Breeze back into town

At the push of a button, available ProPILOT® Assist with Navi-Link can automatically adjust your speed to match the flow of traffic and help keep you centred in your lane. It uses mapping technology to read the road ahead – curves, interchanges, junctions – and can even adjust your set speed based on traffic signs. [[2069]] 

Standard Safety Shield® 360

Peace of mind comes standard

Safety Shield 360® includes six standard features that monitor ahead, behind and on either side of your Pathfinder to help keep you and your passengers safe. [[2007]]

2023 Nissan Pathfinder Safety Shield 360

Additional Driver Assist Technology

Innovation on the lookout

Our commitment to safety is absolute. Leveraging years of innovation and technological improvements, we've managed to create the safest and most assistive Pathfinder yet.

2023 Nissan Pathfinder Intelligent Around View Monitor

Intelligent Around View® Monitor

Four cameras combine to give you a virtual bird's-eye view, helping you to see what’s around your Pathfinder in a whole new way. You can even select from split-screen close-ups of the front, rear and curbside views to help you smoothly manoeuvre into a parking space. [[2015]]

Advanced Driver-Assist® Display

Keeping you alert and informed

2023 Nissan Pathfinder Intelligent Driver Alertness Screen

Intelligent Driver Alertness

Time for a break? Intelligent Driver Alertness monitors your steering patterns, and alerts you if it detects you might be getting drowsy. [[1308]][[2044]]

U.S. instrumentation shown

2023 Nissan Pathfinder Traffic Sign Recognition Screen

Traffic Sign Recognition

Stick to the limit. Available Traffic Sign Recognition helps to keep you up-to-speed by detecting road signs as you go. [[1308]][[2089]]

U.S. instrumentation shown

Advanced Safety

Pathfinder® has you covered