Available Tri-Zone Automatic Temperature Control gives you – and your passengers – three separate settings for comfort.

    You’ve got this. With the available Divide-N-Hide® system, you have six different ways to organize the cargo space. [[14]]

    Full arms are no barrier here. The available Motion Activated Liftgate opens with a kick of your foot under the rear bumper.

Premium interior, seating and leg room

Enjoy an escape with room for 5

Pick a seat and experience the soft available Nappa leather appointments. It’s a premium touch, but building a crossover like this is about more than impressive amenities and generous leg room. It’s about designing something as small as a button to feel more human. And something as large as a moonroof to feel more personal, no matter where you’re sitting.

2021 Nissan Rogue interior seating

Kid-friendly interior safety and design

Family mode made easier

Amplify the parenting experience with kid-centred functionality. Rear doors open almost 90° for easier access. Lower rear door sills are adjusted inward to save you from bending over. Dedicated lower anchors in the centre of the rear seat allow you to put a child seat in any position, including the middle – no locking clip needed. It’s thoughtful, innovative and friendly. 

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Nissan Rogue cargo space

Cargo space

Space adjusts to the moment

Live off-script. With generous cargo space and flexible seating, it’s easy to be spontaneous. So, bring those last-minute purchases: a jogging stroller that just went on sale, a mountain bike you couldn’t pass by. In the all-new Rogue, they’re always welcome. [[14]]

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Interior comfort and smart storage

Take pleasure in practicality

Step inside the all-new Rogue and experience a welcoming atmosphere. Climate control systems enhance comfort, while clever storage options make the drive more convenient. All together, they help everyone relax and enjoy the adventure. [[14]]