Walk Off The Earth

Juno Award-Winners

Walk Off the Earth

These hard-working indie rockers have put pop music through its paces in recent years, so we asked them to put the Rogue – and each other – to the test.

Watch the band compete

Jam Session video

Jam Session

These multi-instrument musicians know the value of cargo space. But who can get the most out of (or into) the Divide-N-Hide® storage system?

Parallel Park off the Earth video

Parallel Park off the Earth

Standing out on stage is one thing, but fitting into a parking space? Not as easy – unless you’ve got Intelligent Around View® Monitor, that is.

Beatbox Battle video

Beatbox Battle

We knew Rogue had good acoustics, but we didn’t know they were this good! See – or rather, hear – who came out ahead in this challenge.

Music Trivia Mayhem video

Music Trivia Mayhem

For all the marbles (and a little relaxation time in Rogue’s Zero Gravity driver’s seat), we put the band through a lightning round of music history trivia.


Go Rogue® anywhere

Between its high-tech displays, standard Apple CarPlay® and cordless capabilities, Rogue is the perfect away-from-home hub.

The high-tech displays inside the 2021 Nissan Rogue

High-tech displays

With high resolution digital gauges, a Head-Up Display on the windshield and a vibrant 9-inch touchscreen in the centre console, the info you want is always where you need it.

The wireless charging pad inside the 2021 Nissan Rogue

Wireless for days

Why do we only realize we’ve forgotten our chargers after we’ve been driving for an hour? Thankfully, Rogue’s wireless charging station means you don’t need to turn around.


Andrew Phung and Paul Sun-Hyung Lee

Convenient co-stars

Andrew Phung and Paul Sun-Hyung Lee

This loveable duo won the hearts and minds of Canadians over five seasons on their hit series. So we figured why not pit them against each other in a battle of wills – and bragging rights?

Watch Andrew and Paul compete

Cargo Showdown video

Cargo Showdown

Rogue’s 60/40 foldable rear seats turn an already impressive cargo area into a cavernous one. So who can pack it the fastest?

Wildlife selfies video

Artful Driving

Rogue’s convenient Head-Up Display helps to maintain a steady speed. But does it help the fellas maintain a steady drawing hand?

Artful Driving video

Wacky Wrace

Intelligent Around View® Monitor makes maneuvering and parking easy. But how does it – and our guys – do in a timed obstacle course?

Mindfulness Moment video

Mindfulness Moment

After a long day, Rogue’s Zero Gravity Seats are perfect for kicking back. As a final challenge, the guys competed to see who can power down harder.


Steph LeClair and Kristen McKenzie

Primetime power couple

Kristen McKenzie and Steph LeClair

These amazing ladies earned their adventure credentials a few years back when they won Canadians’ favourite cross-country race. So naturally, we asked them to put the Rogue through its paces.

Watch Kristen and Steph compete

Soundtrack Showdown video

Soundtrack Showdown

The Rogue’s Bose® Premier Audio System turns every drive into a concert. That begs the question: who’s the better musician?

Wildlife selfies video

Wildlife Selfies

What’s a road trip without a few selfies to document the journey? See who snapped the best wildlife pic in a race to the waterfront.

Face-off video


Rogue’s Hands-free Motion Activated Liftgate is perfect for hauling hockey equipment. But once the gear is out, who’s got the better wrist shot?

Polar Bear Dip video

Polar Bear Dip

The reward? The seat warmer on blast and a blanket from one of the Divide-N-Hide® storage compartments. The winner? Whoever dives into Lake Ontario first.

Interior & Cargo

Bring the world with you

From its spacious interior to its top-of-the-line sound system, spending time inside Rogue is like a vacation in itself.

A man viewing the Nissan Virtual Showroom on his tablet

Nissan® Studio

Step inside from home

Get a closer look at the 2021 Rogue in our virtual showroom.