Nissan Xterra parked on rugged landscape

Nissan Xterra® Performance

Long live adventure

Pushing the boundaries came naturally with Xterra’s 4.0L DOHC 24-valve V6. It churned out up to 261 hp and 281 lb-ft of torque. Plus, with a heavy-duty steel suspension, Xterra welcomed the nastiest rocks, potholes and riverbeds without even flinching. Now, the legendary Nissan Pathfinder keeps the spirit alive.

Four Nissan Xterras parked on rocks while carrying camping gear
Nissan Xterra off-roading

Xterra® off-roading

Nissan Xterra off-road capability rose above any terrain. Standard 4-Wheel Drive climbed farther and faster, while PRO-4X® models upped the ante with a rear-locking differential for that extra boost uphill. Today, capability and convenience come together in Pathfinder, which offers our Intelligent 4X4 system along with settings for specific terrain. [[2035]]

Towing hitch on Nissan Xterra

Towing capacity

Hauling heavy equipment was a breeze with Nissan Xterra’s towing capacity. Tuned for larger-than-life adventures, it towed up to 5,000 lbs. Packing even more muscle, the new Pathfinder tows up to 6,000 lbs. That’s more than enough to haul a camper or small boat. And with a selectable Tow Mode, Pathfinder keeps your trailer in line. [[2087]]

Nissan Xterra towing trailer to demonstrate 4x4 capability

Want 4X4 Capability?

Get into a Pathfinder®

Pathfinder’s Intelligent 4X4 takes Xterra’s capability to another level. Its direct coupling system enhances traction and handling through rigorous conditions. Plus, with seven selectable Drive and Terrain Modes, this SUV adapts to snow, sand, mud, gravel – and everything in-between. [[2035]]

Nissan Xterra® Design

Crafted to climb

Rugged design was a given with Xterra. Every inch of this intrepid off-roader was built to go where the trail took you next. Styled for the extreme, the Nissan Xterra also knew how to stand out – even among other 4X4s. Find out how that same rock-solid design integrity underpins the Nissan Pathfinder.

Rear view of Nissan Xterra off-roading across rocky terrain
Nissan Xterra driving through snow

Nissan Xterra® Exterior

Extreme everything

Xterra’s exterior was as bold as its drivers. Equipped with a fully boxed frame, an integrated bumper, aggressive geometric fenders, a standard roof rack, gear box and more, Xterra was designed to push limits and pump adrenaline. Looking for powerful proportions in a more modern package? You may like what the Pathfinder has in store.

Closeup of Nissan Xterra angled front grille

Angled front grille

The Nissan badge looked right at home on this silver aluminum strut-style front grille. Its angular design cues are still seen today on models like the Pathfinder.

Nissan Xterra step rails and 16-inch wheels

Step rails and 16” wheels

Climbing into your Xterra was a cinch no matter the conditions. Standard step rails gave you a boost with added grip, while 16-inch alloy wheels stood nice and tall.

Nissan Xterra off-road lights

Available off-road lights

Blazing a trail can mean blasting the high beams. Xterra PRO-4X® models came with powerful roof-mounted off-road lights, so you could spot hidden hazards at night.

Nissan Xterra asymmetrical rear profile

Asymmetrical rear profile

Xterra’s unique rear profile had a tailgate bump-out that housed an available first-aid kit. The Pathfinder may be more modern, but it’s every bit as bold.

Interior view of Nissan Xterra front row seats

Nissan Xterra® Interior

Invite the outdoors in

Xterra’s spacious cabin provided premium comfort in adverse conditions. Seating up to five with room for gear, it was your personal retreat on the trail. Front-row bucket seats eased your back and shoulders while six side windows brought the scenery right in. The new Pathfinder is cut from the same cloth – only it seats up to eight. [[2025]]

Closeup of Nissan Xterra gauges

Easy-to-read gauges

When you’re roaming the outskirts, getting key vehicle info at a glance is critical. Xterra’s simplified instrument panel was made to do exactly that. Now with advanced digital gauges, Pathfinder does it even better.

Interior view of Nissan Xterra back row seats

Room for 5

Great adventures are better with great company. Xterra sat up to five without skimping on space. If you’re looking for even more room, Pathfinder’s 7- or 8-seat interiors deliver Xterra-style comfort with premium touches.

Closeup of Nissan Xterra seat adjusters

Adjustable seating

Comfort and off-roading aren’t mutually exclusive. Xterra’s adjustable seating let you lean back and recharge. Today, Pathfinder’s available second-row captain’s chairs take your crew’s personal comfort to a new extreme.

Nissan Xterra® Cargo Space

Basecamp comes with you

When adventure is on deck, room for gear is a must. Xterra’s interior was designed to work hard, so you could play hard. Loaded with handy features like folding front and rear seats, it let you access up to 1,869 litres of cargo space. That meant fitting equipment for just about any activity. Learn about Xterra’s versatility and see how Pathfinder takes up the torch. [[2025]]

Surfboard fit into Nissan Xterra interior with seats folded down
Closeup of Nissan Xterra Utili-track system

Utili-track® and bungees

From boards to bikes, your equipment deserves secure storage. Xterra offered the Nissan Utili-track system with a variety of tie-down configurations. [[2025]]

Nissan Xterra under-floor storage

Under-floor storage

Having a hidden space to toss muddy gear was a serious perk of the Xterra. By the same token, Pathfinder brings ample  under-floor storage along for the ride. [[2025]]

Nissan Xterra inner door storage nets

Inner door storage nets

A little organization goes a long way. Xterra offered storage nets inside the doors, so things like water containers and keychains stayed clean out of your way. [[2025]]

Nissan Xterra roof-mounted gear basket

Ventilated gear box

Snorkelling or hiking gear had an extra hiding place thanks to a roof-mounted gear box. Pathfinder also offers great exterior storage options. [[2025]]

Interior view of Nissan Pathfinder cargo space

Need Generous Cargo Space?

Pathfinder® packs it in

Get to know an even more cavernous, flexible and comfortable interior than the Xterra’s. Pathfinder offers a staggering 2,265 litres of available cargo space, with standard roof rails and plenty of optional gear baskets and bike racks. Take a closer look at Pathfinder's utility features. [[2025]]

Nissan Xterra® Safety & Driver Assist

Detect the unexpected

Your crew’s wellbeing has always been a top priority. With impressive safety, available driving aids and an available on-board first aid kit, the Nissan Xterra surrounded you with protection. Today, the Nissan Pathfinder takes off-road safety into exciting new territory with standard Nissan Safety Shield® 360 technology.[[2007]]

Overhead illustration to demonstrate Nissan Xterra safety features
Rear end of Nissan Xterra driving through snow

Nissan Xterra® Driving Aids

Trail-worthy tech

Intelligence ran deep beneath Xterra’s tough exterior. Standard Vehicle Dynamic Control could sense when you were over- or under-steering on treacherous terrain, reducing engine power and applying select brakes to help you course correct. It worked alongside the Traction Control System, which adjusted throttle and braking if your wheels started to spin out. Pathfinder has both systems and many more. [[2090]]

Nissan Xterra rear-view monitor screen

RearView Monitor

Towing a trailer takes precision. Xterra’s available RearView Monitor made reversing with one a cinch. Drivers could access a rear camera feed on the in-dash display and watch out for equipment while backing up. Pathfinder now raises the bar with its available Intelligent Around View® Monitor, which provides a virtual 360° bird’s-eye view while parking. [[2075]] [[2015]]

Interior view of Nissan Xterra illustrating airbag placement

Airbags and Zone Body Construction

Xterra expected the unexpected. To surround you with confidence, we gave it six standard air bags, including ones mounted to the roof for drivers and passengers alike. Pathfinder goes even further with 10 standard air bags. And like the Xterra, Pathfinder is made with Zone Body Construction, which helps absorb an impact in the event of a collision. [[2008]] [[2012]]

Nissan Xterra® Connectivity

Remote possibilities

When adventure beckoned, Xterra rose to the occasion thanks to a high-tech cabin that kept you connected. With a state-of-the-art GPS system, Bluetooth® connectivity and convenient controls, roughing it was never in Xterra’s vocabulary. The new Pathfinder represents a massive leap forward in all the tech you love – on and off the trails. [[1305]][[1519]]

Interior view of Nissan Xterra steering wheel and dashboard
Nissan Xterra touchscreen display showing navigation system

Nissan Navigation System

Xterra outsmarted the twists and turns with easy-to-read directions and a 5.8-inch touchscreen. The more modern Pathfinder offers additional navigation options, a standard Wi-Fi hotspot and three customizable displays. [[1315]][[1305]][[1307]]

Nissan Xterra touchscreen display showing Bluetooth system

Smartphone integration

Connectivity came with the territory. A Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone System let you take calls or send texts hands-free. Today, Pathfinder goes all out with Apple CarPlay®,  Android Auto™ and available wireless charging. [[1519]][[1510]][[1507]]

Closeup of Nissan Xterra steering wheel controls

Steering wheel mounted controls

Accessing Xterra’s audio system was as simple as making a hands-free call. That’s because the controls were right on the steering wheel. Pathfinder puts even more at your fingertips – including advanced driving aids. [[1315]][[2059]]

Nissan Xterra® Accessories

Radical is always an option

As if the Nissan Xterra wasn’t versatile enough, an impressive range of available accessories took any expedition to new heights. Whether you needed to pack in extra gear, strap in larger sporting equipment or withstand the elements, Xterra’s optional features were ready to deliver. Take a closer look and find out how Pathfinder continues the tradition.

Red kayak strapped onto roof of Nissan Xterra
Nissan Xterra retractable cargo cover

Retractable cargo cover

A retractable cargo cover kept loose gear secure. The new Pathfinder offers an array of cargo organizers and dividers. [[2025]]

Bike strapped to Nissan Xterra bike rack

Bike rack

An optional bike rack gave you even more room to bring your favourite toys. You can count on Pathfinder to do the same. [[2025]]

Nissan Xterra hitch ball mount

Hitch ball mount

By adding a hitch ball mount, you could tap into Nissan Xterra towing capacity. Now the Pathfinder hauls even more. [[2025]]

Closeup of Nissan Xterra fog lights

Fog lights

Xterra’s optional fog lights shone through nasty weather. Today, the Pathfinder offers even more advanced LED fog lamps.

Nissan Pathfinder parked in front of rocky cliff

Nissan Pathfinder®

Built for Xterra® fans

Some legacies never fade. While Xterra is no longer in production, its relentless off-roading spirit lives on in the new Nissan Pathfinder. See how our legendary full-size SUV is made for fans of the mighty Nissan Xterra.