Connect to the world around you

When you have the ability to do what you want — when you want — an adventure can take you anywhere.

It feels good when your car listens.


Nissan ARIYA driver speaking to illustrate "Hey Nissan" Voice Control

"Hey Nissan"

With Voice Control, "Hey Nissan" is designed to let you speak naturally. So go ahead, say "Set temperature to 21 celsius."

Always up-to-date and ready for what's next


Nissan ARIYA with illustration of firmware updates being beamed into the car

Every ARIYA is the latest ARIYA

With over-the-air firmware updates, your vehicle's software is always upgraded to the latest version. So the Nissan ARIYA you buy today is current tomorrow. [[517]]


Once you confirm an update, everything happens behind the scenes. While you're driving, software downloads. And on the next off/on cycle, the software updates your ARIYA quickly. The process may be invisible, but the benefits are clear to see. [[287]]

Customize your dashboard. Stay on top of trips. Remotely control your crossover.


Nissan ARIYA with person's finger swiping touch-screen of integrated display interface

Integrated Display Interface

Interchangeable dual displays let you swipe between two 12.3" displays, so you can keep your favourite apps in front of you. [[517]]

Nissan ARIYA touch-screen displaying Intelligent Route Planner

Intelligent Route Planner

Set the best route and explore where you please. Even get the locations of fast chargers along the way. [[36]][[287]][[59]][[517]]

NissanConnect® Services Mobile App [[287]]

Meet your new travel companion. Together, you can remotely initiate charging, cool or warm the cabin and even view menus from local restaurants.

Nissan ARIYA smartphone with NissanConnect® app displayed

Discover different ways to connect


Explore Virtual Car [[517]]
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