The possibilities are electric

Through constant innovation, the Nissan ARIYA is challenging convention. Change how you drive – and the world around you, too.

Electric feel [[517]]


Nissan ARIYA overhead view cornering in a scenic environment

Start with the perfect fit

Two different battery sizes and two different drivetrains – two-wheel drive or the breakthrough e-4ORCE All-Wheel Drive. Plus, every combination offers the range you want, from standard to long. [[516]]

Keep your energy high and expectations higher. Explore for ages with the power of electricity.


Nissan ARIYA smartphone displaying charging information

Charging smart

Schedule home charging from your smartphone and choose times when electricity costs are lower. [[287]][[437]][[517]]

Charging on the go

Intelligent Route Planner can monitor your remaining charge and locate fast charging stations along the way. [[59]][[287]][[517]]

Nissan ARIYA touch-screen showing Intelligent Route Planner
Nissan ARIYA with charging port with cable connected

Charging at home

Charge your Nissan ARIYA at home and plug into the easy life. Wave goodbye to gas stations. [[517]]

Every Nissan ARIYA comes with perks. Zero tailpipe emissions is just the beginning.


No gas

For many, this is the clincher. You not only get to enjoy lower running costs (electricity versus gas), but the satisfaction of a cleaner drive.

Lower maintenance costs

Because EVs have fewer moving parts than conventional cars, you can avoid many costly repairs and parts. And those regular oil changes and tune-ups? Gone. For good.

Additional savings

Depending on where you live, you may qualify for a federal tax credit. Provincial and local governments – even utilities can offer rebates and incentives, including popular HOV lane access. [[524]]

Explore Driver Assist & Safety Technologies [[517]]
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