Go up to 342 km on a single charge with Nissan LEAF’s available 60 kWh battery. [[1131]]

    Three different levels of charging means a plug-in is never out of reach. [[1809]]

    Wherever you are, if you’ve got a compatible smartphone, you’re connected with your Nissan LEAF. [[1318]]

Range and Batteries

Two batteries, twice the innovation

Nissan LEAF’s standard 40 kWh battery gives you instant acceleration. With its available 60 kWh battery, Nissan LEAF also gives you instant exhilaration.

Up to 240 km [[1131]]

2023 Nissan LEAF in white showing 240km range for 40 kWh battery

40 kWh battery and 147 hp [[1118]]

The Nissan LEAF punches it with 100% acceleration off the line for power that pushes you back into your seat.

Up to 342 km [[1131]]

2023 Nissan LEAF in Black showing 342km range for 60 kWh battery

60 kWh battery and 214 hp [[1118]]

Nissan LEAF Plus models take your power to the next level with a 160 kW motor and 214 hp. Get up to speed, pass with great ease and enjoy an exciting drive.

Where will Nissan LEAF® take you?

Go where no Nissan LEAF has gone before. With its standard 40 kWh battery delivering up to 240 km on a single charge, you can take daily commuting and daytrips in stride. With Nissan LEAF’s available 60 kWh battery, you’ve got up to 342 km of range per charge – letting you hit the road to adventure. [[1131]]

Nissan LEAF® Limited Warranty [[1118]]

Our promise to you

2023 Nissan LEAF in white driving across overpass
2023 Nissan LEAF front view in white with charger hatch open and connected to charging station

Charging Is Easy

How to charge your LEAF®

Charging the 2023 Nissan LEAF is easy whether you’re at home or on the go. [[1809]] You can connect and charge it in four quick steps:

1.     Park and make sure the car is turned off.

2.     Open the charge port lid and cap.

3.     Plug the charge connector into the charge port. When done correctly, the Nissan LEAF lets you know with a quick beep.

4.      When the battery reaches full, the Nissan LEAF stops charging on its own. To end charging at any point, just unplug the charge connector.

Charging Options and Times

Quick and convenient charging [[1809]]

Getting the Nissan LEAF ready for your next adventure is as straightforward as plugging it in. This best-selling EV even lets you know when you're connected with a quick beep. With the 6.6 kW onboard charger and the available Quick Charge Port, there is more than one way to keep your Nissan LEAF at full charge.

2023 Nissan LEAF driver selector controls for e-pedal and eco mode

                                         Extend your range and go even farther

Use the sleek and innovative drive selector to get moving. On the road, help extend your range with Eco Mode and e-Pedal. They work by boosting Nissan LEAF’s already impressive efficiency even more – helping to extend the battery life and your range. On downhills, use B-Mode to help add some charge back to your battery. It works by capturing and converting braking energy into charge that’s returned to your battery, literally turning stopping power into going power. [[1107]]

Keep tabs on your LEAF®

It might be hard to keep up with the Nissan LEAF, especially off the line. But it’s easy to stay up to speed when you’ve got the right app, and the right screen giving you all the info.

2023 Nissan LEAF smartphone open to Nissanconnect EV display

NissanConnect® EV

Designed exclusively for the Nissan LEAF, standard NissanConnect EV and Services powered by SiriusXM® gives you access to the many unique features of your electric vehicle. If you're on the go, you can control select vehicle functions with your compatible smartphone and smartwatch. When you're at home, you can access your Nissan LEAF right from your mobile device. [[1318]]

2023 Nissan LEAF Apple Watch showing charging status

Supporting Apple Watch and wearables

Available for Apple Watch and Android Wear, the smartwatch app adds another level of convenience to Nissan LEAF ownership. Receive push notifications, and control your EV's features right from your wrist. [[1619]] [[1621]]

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