Standard Blind Spot Warning helps keep an eye on your blind spot, giving you a heads up if it detects another vehicle hiding there. [[2021]]

    This system monitors your speed and your distance from the car ahead. It can automatically engage the brakes to help avoid a collision or lessen an impact. [[2018]]

    Keep your bumper intact. The available Intelligent Around View® Monitor simplifies parking with a virtual 360° bird’s-eye view. [[2015]]


2023 Nissan Frontier safety shield 360 video.

Safety Shield 360®

Confidence all around

Frontier backs you up with some of the most advanced standard safety and driver-assist features you’ll find in a midsize truck. Its cutting-edge technology helps you avoid hazards and breathe easy on every drive. [[2007]]

Additional Driver Assist Technology

Tech that makes truck life even better

Make every drive safer and more enjoyable with Frontier’s standard driver-assist features, which use smart technology to give you more peace of mind on the road.

2023 Nissan Frontier overhead illustration of intelligent cruise control sensors.

Intelligent Cruise Control

Keep pace with highway traffic. Standard Intelligent Cruise Control monitors your speed in relation to the car ahead. It can automatically speed up or slow down to maintain your pre-set distance from the other driver, so you can just lean back and cruise. [[2042]]

2023 Nissan Frontier overhead illustration of intelligent forward collision warning sensors.

Intelligent Forward Collision Warning

Intelligent Forward Collision Warning watches the road up to two cars ahead. It detects when one of them suddenly decelerates, alerting you to slow down, so you can avoid a collision. It's a class-exclusive system, standard on every 2023 Frontier. [[2066]]

2023 Nissan Frontier touch-screen showing around view monitor camera angles.

Intelligent Around View® Monitor

Take on tight spaces

Park like a pro, even when space is tight. The Intelligent Around View® Monitor provides a virtual 360° bird’s-eye view of your Frontier, right on the in-dash display. And thanks to Moving Object Detection, it alerts you when a hazard crosses your path or gets too close. [[2015]]

More Advanced Safety

Check all the safety boxes

Complete with some of the best technology Nissan Intelligent Mobility™ has to offer, Frontier helps protect you in case of the unthinkable. Even better, it also includes features that can help you avoid hazards in the first place.

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