With a multitude of options giving you up to 490 km of range, just pick a spot on the map, get in ARIYA and go. [[1140]]

    You have a lot of options. You can charge ARIYA at home or at one of the many public stations, including fast chargers. [[1127]]

    Intelligent Route Planner can plan the shortest and most efficient route and even show you all the fast charge stations along the way. [[1141]]

Range and AWD Options

Discover a lineup of possibilities

ARIYA offers six powerful trims that provide a number of range and performance combinations. Enjoy up to 490 km of pure driving excitement, the year-round confidence of all-wheel drive, and plenty of options in between. With so many choices, you’ll find just what you need. [[1140]]

U.S. model shown

2023 Nissan Ariya in profile outdoors.


Everything you need and more. 

Range: Up to 348 km [[1140]]
Drivetrain: FWD
Battery: 63 kWh

Motor: 160 kW
HP | Torque: 214 | 221 lb-ft
0–100 KM (est.): 7.5 seconds [[1136]]
Charge Time (est.): 35 min [[1144]]


Advanced tech for ultimate traction.

Range: Up to 330 km [[1140]]
Drivetrain: AWD
Battery: 63 kWh

Dual Motors: 250 kW
HP | Torque: 335 | 413 lb-ft
0–100 KM (est.): 5.4 seconds [[1136]]
Charge Time (est.): 40 min [[1144]]


Longest range when you want to escape.

Range: Up to 490 km [[1140]]
Drivetrain: FWD
Battery: 87 kWh

Motor: 178 kW
HP | Torque: 238 | 221 lb-ft
0–100 KM (est.): 7.6 seconds [[1136]]
Charge Time (est.): 40 min [[1144]]


Remarkable range with plenty of perks.

Range: Up to 465 km [[1140]]
Drivetrain: FWD
Battery: 87 kWh

Motor: 178 kW
HP | Torque: 238 | 221 lb-ft
0–100 KM (est.): 7.6 seconds [[1136]]
Charge Time (est.): 40 min [[1144]]


The pinnacle experience.

Range: Up to 426 km [[1140]]
Drivetrain: AWD
Battery: 87 kWh

Dual Motors: 290 kW
HP | Torque: 389 | 442 lb-ft
0–100 KM (est.): 5.1 seconds [[1136]]
Charge Time (est.): 40 min [[1144]]


Special launch edition with limited availability.

Range: Up to 426 km [[1140]]
Drivetrain: AWD
Battery: 87 kWh

Dual Motors: 290 kW
HP | Torque: 389 | 442 lb-ft
0–100 KM (est.): 5.1 seconds [[1136]]
Charge Time (est.): 40 min [[1144]]

Where will ARIYA® take you?

2023 Nissan Ariya chassis with battery placement

Liquid-cooled battery

Nissan is on a constant journey to evolve EV performance and reliability. The ARIYA features our most innovative battery technology yet. Its liquid-cooled thermal management system means better performance in hot and cold weather, plus better protection when using fast chargers.

Charging Options & Times

Recharging is a breeze

Charge ARIYA in three easy ways. The easiest? Just plug into the dedicated home wall unit, and let it charge overnight. Out and about? Pull over at one of many public Combined Charging System (CCS) stations. They're part of an ever-expanding network, so the next charge is never far. [[1127]]

2023 Nissan Ariya graphic showing 240-volt charger connection.

Most Convenient

240-V home and public charging

While you're at home, you can recharge your ARIYA using a 240-V outlet. And with thousands of Level 2 public chargers in Canada, not to mention portable charging cables, finding somewhere to charge up is easier than ever. [[1127]]

2023 Nissan Ariya clock icons to show charging time
10.5 Hours
63 kWh Battery Full Charge [[1144]]
Up to 348 km [[1140]]
2023 Nissan Ariya clock icons to show charging time
14 Hours
87 kWh Battery Full Charge [[1144]]
Up to 490 km [[1140]]
2023 Nissan Ariya graphic showing 480-volt charger connection.


480-V public DC Quick Charging

With hundreds of public DC Quick Charging stations across the country, you have an impressive number of locations to top up your battery on longer drives. [[1127]]

2023 Nissan Ariya stopwatch icons to show charging time
35 Minutes
63 kWh Battery 80% [[1144]]
130 kW Quick Charge
2023 Nissan Ariya stopwatch icons to show charging time
65 Minutes
63 kWh Battery 80% [[1143]]
50 kW Quick Charge
2023 Nissan Ariya stopwatch icons to show charging time
40 Minutes
87 kWh Battery 80% [[1144]]
130 kW Quick Charge
2023 Nissan Ariya stopwatch icons to show charging time
90 Minutes
87 kWh Battery 80% [[1143]]
50 kW Quick Charge
2023 Nissan Ariya graphic showing 120-volt charger connection.

In a Pinch

120-V standard outlet

Need a charge in a pinch? ARIYA features a standard 120-V charging cable, which allows you to temporarily plug into a standard 120-V outlet for a Level 1 charge.

2023 Nissan Ariya how to charge video.

Charging 101

  1. Park and make sure the car is turned off.
  2. Open the charge port lid and cap.
  3. Plug the charge connector into the charge port. When done correctly, ARIYA lets you know with a quick beep.
  4. When the battery reaches full, the ARIYA stops charging on its own. To end charging at any point, just unplug the charge connector.


Discover chargers across Canada

Explore a comprehensive map of Canada’s EV charging network. Powered by ChargeHub, it shows you which charging stations are compatible with your ARIYA. [[1127]]

Map of public charge stations shown on app

Fast and free

In addition to the growing number of public Quick Charge stations you can access in Canada, many Nissan dealers are offering Quick Chargers you can use free of charge. [[1127]]

Range & Charging Tech

Stay on top of your range

It might be hard to keep up with the Nissan ARIYA, especially off the line. But it’s easy to stay up to speed on your range and charging information when you’re using the NissanConnect® Services app. [[1315]]

2023 Nissan Ariya smartphone showing battery charging status.

Remote battery status

With battery updates right on your compatible phone, you’ll know exactly where you’re at in the charging process and approximately how far you can go. [[1315]]

U.S. instrumentation shown

2023 Nissan Ariya car display showing map of charging stations on along a route.

Intelligent Route Planner

Plot your route before you leave home and share between your compatible device and your ARIYA. You can even find available charging stations along your route. [[1315]]

2023 Nissan Ariya smartphone showing Nissanconnect Services mobile app.

NissanConnect® Services Mobile App

NissanConnect Services gives you access to the many unique features of your ARIYA, including Intelligent Route Planner, remote battery status, charging information, and more, all from your compatible smartphone. [[1315]]

2023 Nissan Ariya Apple Watch® showing battery charging status.

Supporting Apple Watch® and wearables

Available for Apple Watch and Android Wear, the NissanConnect® Services smartwatch app adds another level of convenience with push notifications and easy control of ARIYA features right from your wrist. [[1315]][[1619]]

Warranties & Service

Peace of mind on every journey

With a comprehensive battery and drivetrain warranty, 24-hour roadside assistance, and our most advanced battery ever, you’re free to confidently plan road trips near and far. [[1118]] [[1412]] [[1309]]

U.S. model shown

2023 Nissan Ariya on a mountain highway.

Battery and EV warranty

ARIYA is backed by our Complete Vehicle Warranty. That provides basic coverage for 3 years or 60,000 km (which ever occurs first). It also offers powertrain and electric vehicle system coverage, and lithium-ion battery coverage for 96 months or 160,000 km (whichever occurs first). [[1412]]

Roadside assistance

Nissan Roadside Assistance is available to owners of every ARIYA model. Whether it’s a flat tire, Vehicle Lockout Service, or Out of Charge Assistance, we’re here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, should the need arise. [[1409]]

Nissan ARIYA plugged in at home charging station

EV Care Protection Plan

Electric reassurance

With extended coverage options, prepaid maintenance, a $150 charging credit and roadside assistance, Nissan’s EV Care is perfect for ARIYA owners who want to get in and go.

Frequently asked questions

How much electricity does a Nissan ARIYA® use?

The amount of electricity a Nissan ARIYA uses can vary based on conditions and several other factors, including how fast you drive. 

How much does it cost to charge a Nissan ARIYA®?

The cost of charging your ARIYA varies depending on electrical rates, which fluctuate based on location and even time of day.

How do I charge my Nissan ARIYA®?

Charging is a simple process that requires minimal equipment. Whether you’re charging at home with your electric vehicle’s standard charging cable or at a public charging station, charging your ARIYA is as easy as plugging in, powering up, and then hitting the road. [[1127]]

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