Most Frequently Asked Questions

Service & Maintenance

How can I verify if my vehicle has a recall?

Where can I find my vehicle’s maintenance and service schedule?

How can I get reimbursed for a recall already completed on my vehicle?

Roadside Assistance

How do I get Roadside Assistance?

How do I file a Roadside Assistance claim?

Where can I locate information on my Roadside Assistance coverage?

In-Vehicle Features

How do I pair Bluetooth in my vehicle?

Where can I find navigation updates for my car?

What is the difference between Nissan Connect Services Premium and Nissan Connect Services Select?

How do I set-up Apple CarPlay in my vehicle?

How do I set up Android Auto in my vehicle?

Warranty Information

Where can I locate my vehicle’s warranty information?

Can I purchase an extended service coverage for my Certified Pre-Owned vehicle?

Can I purchase an extended service coverage for my vehicle?

If I sell my Nissan vehicle, can the extended service coverage be transferred?

Additional Resources

Where can I find a Nissan dealership?

How do I find information regarding my leased or financed account? (NCF)

How do I register my recently purchased Pre-Owned Nissan?

How do I notify Nissan of my address change?

Where can I find information regarding importing or exporting my vehicle?

Where can I find useful how-to videos?

How can I update my vehicle ownership?