Up to 6 L/100 km fuel efficiency for less fuel-ups and more meet-ups. [[440]]

    Sentra’s 149-horsepower engine and responsive transmission gives you all the oomph you'll need to pass, merge or get up and go.

    With a sport sedan suspension and advanced steering system, every corner is a revelation in Sentra.

Sentra® engine and transmission

More of what you want

2021 Nissan Sentra front view in white driving through city streets

Efficient engine power

Spend less time at the pump with the 2021 Sentra. With up to 6 L/100 km on the highway, you can concentrate on your daily drive without worrying about fuelling up.[[440]]

2021 Nissan Sentra in blue taking a curve on a mountain road

Sharp handling, smooth ride

Sentra finds the coveted balance between compliance and responsiveness with its independent rear multi-link suspension, filtering out harsh, jarring impacts without removing the joy of driving.

U.S. Model Shown

6 speed manual transmission available in the Nissan Sentra and the Nissan Sentra SR Model

Manual transmission

Racetrack-ready gearbox

When Sentra Cup racing teams take to the track, they race stock – meaning they use the same engine and available 6-speed manual transmission you'll find in both the base and Sentra SR models. So yeah, this car can move.

Sentra® fuel efficiency

Less stop, more go

Spend less time at the pump with the 2021 Sentra. With 6 highway L/100 km, you can concentrate on your daily drive without worrying about fueling up. [[440]]

2021 Nissan Sentra showing close up of active grille shutters

Active Grille Shutters

By controlling airflow for different speeds traveled, Sentra can get optimal fuel economy at all times. [[440]]

2021 Nissan Sentra showing eco mode on gauge cluster screen

Sentra® Eco Mode

Sentra features a driver-customizable Eco Mode setting. Accessible through the Advanced Drive-Assist® Display, it lets you dial in your Sentra for enhanced comfort and excellent efficiency. [[437]][[438]][[440]]

U.S. Instrumentation Shown

Sentra® handling

We dare you to drive it without smiling

2021 Nissan Sentra in Scarlet Ember Tintcoat in parking garage with lights on

Low, wide and stylin’

Sculpted to give the driver a sports car feel, the lower, wider Sentra has perfect proportions. Experience the added joy of gripping your way through corners while the road zips by a short distance beneath you.

U.S. Model Shown

2021 Nissan Sentra D-shaped steering wheel

Quick steering

The D-shaped steering wheel is just part of the story. The dual-pinion electric power steering system is communicative, responsive and empowering, turn after turn.

Sentra® dynamic drive technologies

Drive like a pro

Dynamic drive technologies handle the bumps, curves and hills.

A Nissan Sentra Cup race car

Nissan® Sentra Cup

Ready, Sentra®, Go

Sentra's base model is wider, lower and more powerful than ever. But don't take our word for it. Watch Sentra take centre stage as drivers tear up the track in Canada’s newest and most exciting grassroots racing series.