With a suite of standard safety features, the Nissan LEAF helps keep an eye out. It can even step in to help keep you out of trouble. [[419]]

    Nissan ProPILOT Assist™ helps guide your drive on the highway, so you can enjoy more of your time behind the wheel. [[261]]

    Beyond the standard safety features, the LEAF offers available driver-assist technologies. Because it's all about driving confidence.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility™

A connected, confident and exciting ride

Get an assist when you need it while seeing and sensing more around you. With Nissan Intelligent Mobility innovation, the LEAF has state-of-the-art safety built right in. Discover the tech that works behind the scenes. It's all designed to help you drive with extra finesse.

A white 2022 Nissan LEAF driven on a city road at night

Safety Shield® 360

Safety on your side

Nissan is creating a brighter future by making the Safety Shield 360 standard on every 2022 LEAF. Powered by Nissan Intelligent Mobility, it puts six advanced features at your command. [[419]]

2022 Nissan LEAF illustration of intelligent forward collision sensors and technology

Intelligent Forward Collision Warning

Be prepared for hazards before they appear. Intelligent Forward Collision Warning monitors the road up to two cars ahead. It warns you when one of them suddenly slows down, so you can react fast. [[23]]

2022 Nissan LEAF illustration of intelligent lane intervention sensors and technology

Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention

Heighten your awareness. Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention can detect if another car is in your blind spot. If you attempt to cross over the lines, it can automatically guide you back into your lane – while you stay in control. [[24]]

2022 Nissan LEAF illustration of intelligent lane intervention sensors and technology

Intelligent Lane Intervention

Stay on course. Intelligent Lane Intervention helps keep you in your lane. When lane markings are clear, it can detect if you’re straying outside  the lines. If you are, the system can engage the brakes to help guide you back to centre. [[20]]

2022 Nissan LEAF illustration of intelligent around view monitor sensors and technology

Intelligent Around View® Monitor

Parking is easier than ever. The available Intelligent Around View Monitor gives you the edge on any space. This advanced system provides a virtual composite 360° bird’s eye view of your LEAF. It also offers selectable split-screen close-ups of the front, rear and curbside views. Plus, it warns you when it detects something moving nearby, so you aren't surprised by any hazards. [[232]]

ProPILOT Assist™

Helps out on the highway

With available ProPILOT Assist, the Nissan LEAF helps take the stress out of daily driving. See how this advanced driver assistance system gives you a hand in highway traffic. [[261]]

2022 Nissan LEAF ProPILOT assist logo
2022 Nissan LEAF illustration of propilot assist sensors and technology keeping consistent distance from car in front

It can stop and go for you

Take the tedium out of stop-and-go on the highway. ProPILOT Assist can help your Nissan LEAF keep a set distance from the car ahead based on the traffic flow. It can even come to a full stop, and can bring you back up to speed when the highway starts moving again. [[261]]

2022 Nissan LEAF illustration of propilot assist sensors and technology keeping car in lane on a curve

And helps keep you centred

No more drifting. ProPILOT Assist helps keep you centred in your lane through straightaways. It can even help you stay between the lines through gentle curves. [[261]]

Assistance is always welcome

It’s nice to have a little backup when something unexpected happens. The Nissan LEAF offers a suite of available Nissan Intelligent Mobility features that can step in and take action to help keep you out of trouble. [[288]]

More Advanced Safety Features

Standard on every Nissan LEAF®

Every Nissan LEAF comes with advanced safety technologies that monitor the drive. They can help you respond in an instant, while working to protect you and your passengers. Wherever life takes you, safety and confidence come along for the ride.

2022 Nissan LEAF illustration of 10 air bag placement in car

10 standard air bags

The Nissan Advanced Air Bag System includes dual-stage supplemental front air bags with seat belt and occupant-classification sensors. Plus, the LEAF is equipped with front and back seat-mounted side-impact supplemental air bags. It also has knee air bags in the front seats. And for extra protection, there's roof-mounted curtain side-impact supplemental air bags with a rollover sensor. [[31]]